SeaMount is a family business in the tourism sector that was born in 2005 on the Costa Brava with the aim of offering vacation rentals. Over the years, the company expands its territory towards the Aran Valley, thus being able to offer two different destinations, the sea and the mountains. Hence its name. With time and constant growth, the company expands its to offer exclusive getaways and adventures to travelers and families, presenting accommodations and activities in a natural environment to enjoy a unique vacation. Today the company has formed a network of travelers who love the sea and the mountains who enjoy a complete vacation every year immersed in the culture of the place.

Hand in hand with local owners and partners, SeaMount is committed to the following values:
   – We believe in a local and sustainable tourism
   – We offer authentic experiences for the traveler
   – Closeness is our essence
   – Adventure, our passion!

For SeaMount, future means following this direction, being a family business that rewards quality and common well-being. Our objective is to offer our clients a broader and more complete experience, improving the quality of services, expanding locations and continuing to foster trust with travelers and collaborators.